Campaign against the Faldingworth explosions nuisance


The blastLincoln site is here to provide information and up-to-date news about the explosions in Faldingworth. If you are a local resident who is affected by this, please leave a message on our comments page and let the media, TOOTS (“The Owner Of The Site”) and his backers know what you think.

The Details page gives some background to TOOTS’s evasive or non-existent companies; Worries addresses concerns about property values (with particular reference to Newtoft); Medical deals with known effects of this kind of stress.


In 2006, large and noisy explosions at the ex-RAF base in Faldingworth started occurring. They can be heard over a wide area of Lincolnshire, disturbing large numbers of people. Many people have reported structural damage to their homes; environmental stress is at medically dangerous levels, both for humans and livestock; some people have been prevented from doing their jobs. Edward Leigh, our local MP, has stated publicly that the operation at Faldingworth is socially unacceptable and should be closed down. This site is intended to encourage and co-ordinate the campaign to achieve this.

WE’RE BACK!  (February 2012)

Hello everybody! Yes, here we are again, still needed!

We went off-line four years ago in order to work nicely with the Council. We were polite and squeaky clean; we thought it was only right that we stop attacking them whilst they “did their best” to protect our interests. It didn’t work.

Four years down the line, it turns out that they never tried to protect our interests. Every single “agreement” made has been broken; not the smallest corner of a detail has been achieved. We were taken for a ride. And now West Lindsey District Council has started systematically lying to us, apparently as policy. We can see no reason to be polite to people who lie and dupe us, apparently to protect the extremely questionable operations at Faldingworth. We can see no reason to pay people to lie to us.

You think “lying” is too strong a word? That we should say “untruths” or some such nice-speak? See here what they’ve been doing.

Many things have happened since we went off-line, and we’ll do our best to bring you up to date. Thrill to the incompetencies of the Atkins reports! Tremble at the threats from TOOTS ! Cringe with embarrassment at the crass cover-up conjuring-tricks performed by West Lindsey Council!  It’s all here, folks! Read and be angry…