Campaign against the Faldingworth explosions nuisance

More explosions scheduled for Wednesday 2nd April.

March 27th, 2008 | Posted by admin

It’s been very quiet, but Mr Briggs is going to change all that. What better way to spend a nice sunny Spring day than making …   [read more…]

Exciting Job Offer at a Nuisance Site Near You

March 27th, 2008 | Posted by admin

Bored with just doing ordinary useful jobs? Want to get up the noses of your fellow citizens a bit more?

Well, you’re in luck! Here’s the …   [read more…]

Noddy Rides Again

March 27th, 2008 | Posted by admin

Noddy Rides Again:

[Letter in the Rasen Mail, refuting Mr Briggs’s claims to “scientific” objectivity]:

The Faldingworth explosions man, Mr Briggs, wrote in the Rasen Mail …   [read more…]

Public Meeting, 28th Feb

March 2nd, 2008 | Posted by admin

Splendid turn out, well done everyone! A head-count over 150, the overwhelming majority very angry indeed. Mr Briggs invited, but conspicuously absent, his chair+nameplate at …   [read more…]