Campaign against the Faldingworth explosions nuisance

Explosions 26th-30th May

May 24th, 2008 | Posted by admin

More nuisance warnings. On the last two occasions, tests were either carried out underground* or not at all, resulting in no evident nuisance. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to Mr Briggs and his little crew that warnings are acted on   –   people cancel things and change arrangements to try and maintain a little sanity in their lives. So giving a warning about nothing is itself a nuisance, even without the real nuisance happening. Anyone not terminally anti-social would grasp this…….. ah yes, sorry.

So let’s see if we’re to have our living disrupted this week by actual nuisance or the  theoretical possibility of nuisance. Don’t you just love people with consideration and concern for fat cheques other folks’ lives?

[* Mr Briggs has claimed that there is no “underground” testing. Meanwhile, a letter from the MOD says that “95% of the testing is carried out in tunnels”. They also point out that only a small proportion of what goes on at Faldingworth is sub-contracted from them. So much for the “helping our boys”excuse. As we’ve said all along: this is about cash, impure and simple.]