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A Nonymouse, Esq

February 22nd, 2012 | Posted by admin

It’s always good to find sharp people who are quick on the uptake. But let’s stick with real life:

Feb 2012:

Although nothing at all has happened on this site for four years, someone out there is really bothered by it. They have gone to the trouble of inventing an anonymous Hotmail address (which they clearly imagine to be untraceable), and sending every now and again some message like the following:

i will report you for harrasment tommorow, i think youve had your fun h——. shame no ones joined in since 2008 though!!!

Still, it’s  encouraging to see the slow dawning of this person’s perception; if we could watch him carefully, we might even catch the last clank as the final brain cell clicks into place and the *realisation* occurs: no-one’s “joined” since 2008 because the site hasn’t been operating since 2008!

Of course, as the email is anonymous we have no idea who sent it, so must resort to our imaginations.

We picture some sad little social misfit with challenged spelling, at a loose end one evening. He and some sad little pals get together for a mutual whinge-fest about how life never gave them a chance etc etc; much drink is consumed and a lot of white powder goes up the nose (let’s have all the sad little cliches) and at a certain point he remembers this site  –  which for some reason also gets up his nose  –  and fires off one of these sad little missives.

As we say, we’ve no idea who it could be, but he obviously feels “harrased”. There are some odd folk about.

And no, we didn’t bother to trace it. It wasn’t interesting enough.

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