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TOOTS’s Progress

February 22nd, 2012 | Posted by admin

What a nice man that TOOTS is, working so hard to save lives, and so horridly misunderstood. We’ve all heard this story by now.

Of course, people with a smooth, plausible public story to tell are not necessarily quite the same when the interviewers go away.

Here is an email that TOOTS sent to one of our colleagues in RATS:

Mr H——-


I have tolerated you, thinking you to be a harmless fool enjoying his self importance. You know very little of me or  what I do yet assume and broadcast much.

The vast majority of which is false and misleading  ! Unsurprisingly, I feel that is unfair .


Everyone has a perfect right to complain about whatever they like and legitimate complaint should be taken into account and acted on. That is quite correct.


What is not correct is for someone to fabricate complaint for self gain . This is what you are doing .

There are laws to deal with this ( Harassment Act-Slander and liable etc ). Unlike you, with me  I have no wish to hurt you in any way or put you to any expense

( I don’t even dislike you- for I do not know you).

You have to know though, we have reached a cross roads ( and I put you on Notice ) that from now on there will be consequences to your actions .


So as we can be quite clear in the direction forward ( and the history) I invite you and two friends to visit me at the base ( or anywhere else if you wish)

I cannot accommodate your request for a mass meeting because, as I have explained to you in the past I am a terrorist target, something you have chosen to ignore

By advertising ( thankfully wrongly) my home address.

It would seem appropriate to come armed with any questions you may have as I will certainly have the answers.


I can be contacted on 01673 863 525

Richard Briggs

Don’t you love the James-Bond-villain fantasy tone of that opening? Don’t you love the I’m-so-hard-done-by whinge of that “unfair”? Don’t you love an arms dealer, making a great deal of money out of causing serious nuisance, accusing someone who doesn’t like it of complaining “for gain”? Where’s the gain, TOOTS? Show us where the gain is. We really want to understand.Just like we want to understand what you suppose us, the residents, to have “fabricated” in our complaints. Did we “fabricate” those massive bangs, those wailing sirens? Are you asking us to help you hide from yourself what you’re doing to everybody, so that you can look in the mirror every morning and feel good about yourself?

It would seem that not only do we have to put up with it, we’re even supposed to like it and not complain, otherwise we hurt TOOTS’s feelings. Poor little misunderstood chap!

And you the reader, wouldn’t you be pleased, if you received this email, at the reassurance that TOOTS did “not want to hurt you in any way”? Isn’t it nice to know that?

Of course, “there will be consequences” is a little more serious; naturally, this was reported to the police as a precaution.

You have to ask: why would someone who claims to have government backing need to send a threatening email like this? Or has the government simply started employing gangsters and thugs?

We tried to take him up on the offer to visit, but of course it magically evaporated. The “mass meeting” referred to our suggestion that he might like to face a roomful of the people whose lives he’s blighting, because so far he hasn’t had the guts to do this.

As for the fantasy of being a “terrorist target”, we suppose that could be said to be true, insofar as we are all of us terrorist targets. But we suspect that isn’t quite what was meant.

As for the “home address”, we’re informed that TOOTS is now living at Faldingworth Equestrian Centre, which he paid for and which is run by his “close friend”. Presumably this saves him the bother of commuting in by helicopter every day from the family home near Brough, as formerly (an address which any terrorist, incidentally, could have found easily using this newfangled modern thing called “Google”).

Luckily, there is no visible connection between TOOTS and another rancid email which surfaced a while back.

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