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Council Tax Strike

February 23rd, 2012 | Posted by admin

When is a taxpayer not a taxpayer? When they’re a “customer”!

A taxpayer’s job is to pay up and shut up. There is no obligation on the part of councils or governments to give you anything in return; the only freedom you get is the freedom to indulge in the Russian Roulette of elections every few years, to see if the person you voted for actually does what they said they would do.

A “customer” is quite different. A customer, when buying something, enters into a contract with the person they buy from; and a contract can only be entered into “freely and voluntarily”   –   if there is coercion, it ceases to be a contract.

So a customer is free; a taxpayer isn’t. You can’t be both at once.

We all thought that as council-tax payers, we were taxpayers.

But West Lindsey Council keep calling us “customers”. They have a “customer services department” and a “customer services manager”. They keep calling us “customers”.

OK, we must be customers. They wouldn’t lie to us, would they? (it would be like insulting a slave by calling him “free” all the time).

If we’re customers, we have customer rights. This includes the right not to pay for services we are not getting.

West Lindsey could stop the nuisance from Faldingworth tomorrow, if they chose. All their lies and bluster about legal advice and statutory nuisance is just that: lies and bluster. There is no noise level at which statutory nuisance starts; it doesn’t work like that. It’s simply up to them to declare a nuisance and act on it.

They have no trouble declaring barking dogs or loud music as nuisances. It’s only when you get a massive, off-the-scale nuisance from someone with a lot of money that suddenly there’s a problem.

And now, as we’ve covered elsewhere on this site, West Lindsey have started lying to us.

Why should we pay people to lie to us?

So some of us propose to exert our customer rights. We’re going to withhold our council tax   –   not “refuse to pay”, you notice, but “withhold”; we’ll set it aside, and they can have it when they do the job we’re paying them for. But they can’t have it before that.

Experience shows that nobody in the council is bright enough to understand what we’ve just said (though it’s not that difficult). So we assume they will take us to court for non-payment; in which case, we’ll use that for maximum publicity. We’ll make this council look stupid on a nation-wide basis.

Which are we, West Lindsey? Taxpayers or customers? You can’t have it both ways.

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