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More Council Lies

February 23rd, 2012 | Posted by admin

They’re still doing it.

Here is Grant Lockett from West Lindsey Council, being quoted on the Market Rasen People blog:

“A detailed investigation has been carried out with regard to the complaints of the explosions from Faldingworth. The council employed a consultant to conduct an in-depth study with regard to the issue and have also sought legal advice.

The result of this is that the activities at the site do not constitute a statutory noise nuisance and as such no legal action can be taken against the site”.

The “consultant” was of course Atkins, of the infamous Atkins Report(s). RATS sent the council detailed analyses on why these reports were deeply flawed and a shameful waste of public money   –   but the council didn’t have anyone capable of understanding the analyses, so they were ignored. We’re putting them up on this site shortly.

The alleged “legal advice” is the advice the council won’t or can’t produce, even to the extent of defying a Freedom of Information request. Either this “advice” doesn’t exist at all, or they’re really worried about what it actually says. Considering West Lindsey have consistently claimed that the Atkins Reports say there is “no statutory nuisance” (a direct lie: they don’t), it’s very unlikely  –  even if it exists  –  to say what they claim it says. Anything to give themselves a quiet life.

Well, it must be either for a quiet life search or it’s a brown-envelope job; and we haven’t so far found evidence for the latter. So let’s give ’em the benefit of the doubt.

Grant Lockett finishes:

“We are continuing to work with the site….”

We’re sure you are, Grant, we’re sure you are.

Pity you don’t work with us.

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