Campaign against the Faldingworth explosions nuisance

Peter Levy (and a horse)

February 23rd, 2012 | Posted by admin

One of the RATS organisers was interviewed on the Peter Levy show (Radio Humberside) last week. He was asked to reply to a Faldingworth resident apparently called Nicola Farr, who was speaking in support of the explosions.

Ms Farr’s pitch was that she herself lived two miles away from the explosions and was not bothered by them, but she had it on good authority from her horse that the explosions shouldn’t bother anyone. The sagacious horse was stabled at Faldingworth Equestrian Centre, and had also told her that the other horses there weren’t bothered either.

Faldingworth Equestrian Centre (or the buildings housing it) was of course bought by TOOTS, the perpetrator of the explosions, and is run by his close friend Louise Tomlinson   –   TOOTS appears to be living there now. Presumably Ms Farr knows this, as she’s obviously familiar with the set-up there, and indeed many of her comments were word-for-word repeats of things TOOTS has been heard to say. We would have checked whether she is actually a friend of TOOTS, except we can find no trace of a Nicola Farr listed in the village. Can anyone assist us with an address?

As they obviously wish to be involved, we should take this opportunity of expressing our sympathy with Faldingworth Equestrian Centre. It must be very difficult trying to run a legitimate horse business from a place where there have been several other horse businesses  –  Bombproof Horses, Lazy Plods, Crack On  –  all of which (as we understand it) disappeared suddenly or changed their names because people kept suing them for selling faulty or inadequate horses. As if this wasn’t bad enough, there are even similarities of name to contend with (Bombproof Horses was run by a Louise Thomas, whereas Faldingworth Equestrian Centre is run by the entirely different Louise Tomlinson). Our hearts go out to a company coping heroically with these unfortunate coincidences, which must be undermining business quite severely because last time we looked (Feb 2012) the Companies House entry for Faldingworth Equestrian Centre gives the company status as “Active  –  Proposal to Strike off”, and suggests that no accounts had been filed. Sometimes life just does not give people a chance.

Update:   Still, look on the bright side, eh? At least Crack On left behind that huge mobile security camera trailer which they used to keep at their unmarked front gate (remember how they never put their address on their website “for security reasons”?). Should save you a bit of money now you’re using that. Oh, and would you like us all to have a whip-round to buy you a front gate nameplate, as you don’t seem to have got one yet?

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