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A Nonymouse Revealed (update)

February 29th, 2012 | Posted by admin

Remember this rancid little email from the “A Nonymouse” piece?

i will report you for harrasment tommorow, i think youve had your fun h——. shame no ones joined in since 2008 though!!!


We purposely left our colleague David Humpage’s name out of the above post, just in case the original sender was dumb enough to complain about it. And lo! when we looked in the trap on our rounds last night, we found we’d caught this:

Author : Louise whatever!! (IP: ,

E-mail :

Hey why have you missed your name off the message above,  didn’t you want humpage displaying on the site….  Check out my new website coming soon , it’s ok il let you know when it goes live to millions!!!


Now how would you know what was in the original post, love? Presumably you either sent it yourself or you know a man who did? And gosh, yes, you do seem to have got the hump.

But then we got these:


Author : Louise whatever!! (IP: ,

E-mail :

Get ready the hump . Co will be ready soon, iv been a busy bunny…  Why do you use the term WE when theres only you!!  Do you think we don’t know!   Just read your letter to nikki where your on your moral high ground about FAKES.  Did you forget that the council found out all your complaint letters were actually written by about 4 of you… The police are interested in your arms dealing accusation, seeing as rmb has never sold a gun in his life.  You will love the website humpage as it mentions so much more and exposes you as an angry eccentric serial neighbour hater.   You are simply a source of fun round here, even the kids take the piss about your filthy house and dusty piano haha.. Your loving the lime light on the back of us humpage… Print this then or perhaps just give us 4 paragraphs of wrong assumptions and hatred instead.



Author : Louise whatever!! (IP: ,

E-mail :

David humpage at the old church, toft next newton soon to go live…



Author : Louise whatever!! (IP: ,

E-mail :

Funnily enough There’s a fair few people who don’t share your opinions on the site, with real names given so you can fight them all you nut job


Well “Louise”, actually it was 34 people, not 4, because that was all RATS could get round in a weekend.  But you don’t really do facts, do you? Or maybe you can tell us who those 76,000 vanished Kalashnikovs were sold to? And whether they’re now being used to shoot at our brave soldiers? (one of the RATS organisers has a son in Afghanistan at the moment. He finds TOOTS’s pious pose about “saving lives” particularly angry-making).

Now, as “Nikki” is presumably the shill who was on the Peter Levy show doing TOOTS’s publicity for him, and who is apparently intimate with TOOTS’s household, that would suggest that all this monomaniac bile aimed at poor old Dave Humpage is actually from Jane Tomlinson  –  oh sorry, that was the name given in court by Louise Thomas (of Bombproof Horses) when she was convicted, we mean Louise Tomlinson (correct us if we’re wrong, dear. These “real names” can be a bit slippery).

We won’t bother with her almost insane obsession that this protest is the work of one person, because most of us round here already know it isn’t.

We think her emails speak for themselves. If we add in TOOTS’s threats, you can all see exactly the kind of people we’re dealing with. Can you imagine any government giving important secret scientific work to thugs like this?

We’ll point you all at her website if it happens. It’ll show up these people’s true nature much better than we can.


2 Responses to ' A Nonymouse Revealed (update) '

  1. Alice_in_Thunderland said,
    on March 1st, 2012 at 10:55 am

    Interesting mails – the invective would indicate a fair amount of psychopathology – presumably stuck in the anal phase (according to Freud). I fear that the local debating society has not missed out on a great talent – “you smell, nyah nyah nyah” is not generally considered valid argument in an exchange of views.

    The heated tone would also suggest personal involvement of some kind – either that or the writer finds air raid sirens and loud explosions exciting and stimulating and fears the loss of her source of enjoyment. Maybe she fails to comprehend that RATS are not able to share her delight?

    I am sure that Mr Humpage will hear a lot more from this person; he seems to have caught her attention, albeit in a somewhat negative way. I suppose that as the occasional spokesperson for RATS this would be a likely development. I hope that the “yah-boo-sucks” comments won’t keep him awake at nights – I expect that at his age he thought he had left playschool bullying firmly behind him by decades. Ah well: plus ça change – plus ç’est la meme chose. Certain mannerisms are seemingly never outgrown by some people.

    However, let it not detract from the work in hand: the reclamation of our quiet enjoyment of this piece of countryside.

  2. Lottie Charlton said,
    on March 1st, 2012 at 1:37 pm

    I’m a Newtoft resident and a member of RATS. David Humpage is ONE of the people we elected to be a spokesperson. We’ve had these explosions for years and we’re desperate to stop them and we don’t need Mr Briggs’s girlfriend to give us lectures.

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