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Lying about the Red Arrows

March 9th, 2012 | Posted by admin

TOOTS keeps telling us how work at Faldingworth “saves lives”. As has been pointed out, a con-man could use this story, and without evidence nobody would know the difference.

Well we don’t have that evidence, so we must use something else. We’re being asked to take the story on trust. Maybe we should use “trustfulness of character” as an indicator?  Here is a story from two years ago:

Back in the days when we imagined that West Lindsey council was giving us accurate warnings of when to expect explosions (and before we discovered this arrangement was “voluntary”, ie non-existent), there came one day without any warning a very large explosion. Someone rang the council to complain. According to WLDC, a council employee then rang up the Faldingworth site, and was told this was a “special” piece of work done at short notice “for the station commander at Scampton”.

We didn’t find this plausible; what would the Red Arrows need blowing up in a hurry? So someone wrote to the station commander at Scampton to check. The station commander courteously sent the following reply:


You will observe that Wing Commander Stylianides is unusually thorough, and goes out of his way to cover all possible loopholes. We can therefore take it that the story was a complete lie.

Trustfulness of character, anyone?

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