Campaign against the Faldingworth explosions nuisance


November 14th, 2012 | Posted by admin

As you may have heard, we are now demanding a judicial review of WLDC. This is a long, slow process that has been going on for several months; the slowest part is putting together detailed page-by-page evidence of all the lying and manipulation which our council appear to have used consistently in support of the Faldingworth business operations and against our interests as taxpayers.

The first stage of this process is a “petition” to the council, requesting them to take the action which they could (and should) have taken ages ago to stop this intolerable nuisance. When they fail to do this, the way is then open for judicial review; this will look carefully at all the council’s actions or failures to act, and at whether the law has been broken.

Many of you have signed the petition already, but we know many other people in the outlying villages have not yet been visited by our clipboard teams. If you feel as strongly about this nuisance as most people and wish to sign the petition, you could save us time by emailing us your name and address so that someone can visit you to collect your signature. If you wish to assist by collecting signatures in your village, please get in touch and we will supply you with the appropriate material.

Why should we let our homes be damaged just for private business profit? Why should we put up with proven systematic lying from our council? Together we can stop this!

Please email your name and address to  if you wish to add your signature!

This is what you will be signing:


In the matter of the former RAF  Faldingworth   –   Nuisance by noise.

Section 80 Environmental Protection Act 1990.

We, the undersigned whose names and addresses are entered below, and whose residences are situated in the neighbourhood of the former RAF base Faldingworth have since the year 2006 suffered and are still suffering undue interference with our personal comfort/amenity and enjoyment of our residences and damage to the fabric of our respective properties as the result of the ongoing activities at the Faldingworth site carried out by Richard Briggs, his servants or agents and the various Companies in which he is a Director, including Faldingworth Defence Ltd, caused principally by controlled explosions both in the open air and underground of explosive material on the site by them. 

We require you to:

1.     Forthwith re-investigate the present use of the site by the owner and occupiers and find that a nuisance exists and it is damaging to health, and 

2.    Having found that such nuisance exists to cause an abatement notice to be served upon the said Richard Briggs, his servants and agents, and all other persons and companies using the site for such purposes.

In the event of your refusing to carry out your statutory duties in this respect we reserve the right to apply for judicial review of your failure to take prompt action to abate the nuisance. 

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